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Monday, May 28, 2007

Great half, at a cost

So I've been gone for a while, sorry about that.

Yesterday I ran the Barossa Half marathon in 1:23:15, around 20 sec better than the last time I ran in the Barossa half in 2004, but not a PB for the half. I think that is a pretty good time though, because my PB was set on the "downhill" Greenbelt course. I wetn pretty much all out, and had nothing left in the tank at the end. My legs are pretty sore today. The top of my foot is a little sore, which I think is because of a combination of heavy training and aging shoes . I also went into the race feeling slightly sick, and now today I've come down with a bad sore throat and other nasty symptoms. I guess that's what you get for not listening to your body. The good news is that my calf/achilles feels fine, no soreness or weakness either during or after the event, so I think it is nearly back to normal (after 14 or more months).

Even more amazing is the time that Carly got. Last year she ran a half in 2:23. Yesterday she ran it in 1:51, a 32 minute improvement! She has really worked hard on her running and weight this year, and it has certainly paid off.


quagmire \KWAG-myr; KWOG-\, noun:
1. Soft, wet, miry land that shakes or yields under the feet.
2. A difficult or precarious position or situation; a predicament.
3. Our driveway.

Quagmire is from quag, a dialectical variant of quake (from Old English cwacian) + mire, from Old Norse myrr, "a swamp."

Monday, May 14, 2007

Commute PB clarification

  1. No, I don't take a taxi, and if I did take public transport to work, it would take far longer than running.
  2. I have since discovered that the distance is 7.5 km measured on Google Earth (GE). The speedo on my bike was out by a fair bit, so I re-measured the circumference and changed the settings, and now it measures the same as GE.
  3. I have since run a much faster time to work: 29:50. So the previous PB is redundant now anyway.