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Monday, August 07, 2006


This word made me laugh, not because of the meaning found in the dictionary:

"in·ter·con·nect ( P ) Pronunciation Key (ntr-k-nkt)v. in·ter·con·nect·ed, in·ter·con·nect·ing, in·ter·con·nects v. intr.
To be connected with each other: The two buildings interconnect. v. tr.
To connect reciprocally: tried to interconnect the two theories.
inter·con·nected·ness n. inter·con·necti·ble or inter·con·necta·ble adj. inter·con·nection n."

But, because of the definition that my supervisor found in wikipedia:

"Interconnectedness is one of many concepts gaining popularity as part of the terminology of a worldview which sees a oneness in all things. A similar term, interdependence, is sometimes used instead, although there are slightly different connotations. Both terms tend to refer to the idea that all things are of a single underlying substance and reality, and that there is no true separation deeper than appearances. Some feel that 'interconnectedness' and similar terms are part of a contemporary lexicon of mysticism, which is based on the same core idea of universal oneness.
Science is coming to the view that everything in this universe is interconnected. A thing exists because there is an observer. Everything is made up of either energies or particles that flit in and out of existence at the quantum level. These particles can be thought of as events in an endless expanse of possibilities. The very act of observation makes them concrete. The universe seems to be a virtual world where everything exists as waves which assumes particulate forms when observed. The line between the observer and the observed seems to blur at the level of sentient beings like humans which can assume the role of both the observer and the observed simultaneously."

Which is one of the biggest loads of bullshit I've ever heard.


iliketoast said...

So, if a tree falls in a forest ....... oh, nevermind!

Tesso said...

After reading that I think I need a cuppa, a Bex, and a good lie down.

Tammy said...

Ouch. Hmm... well, I love and agree with that definition. And while I do in private sometimes call other people's beliefs "bullshit", I try to keep an open mind, and I also try not to offend other's beliefs.