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Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Ever wanted a better word for the vulgar phrase (vulgar is also another favourite word of mine - stay tuned) "shit, shave and shower"? Well, toilette is it. It is a polite way of saying that you have performed your daily ritual of cleaning and making yourself look and smell good. It may also be a sneaky way of commenting on someone's cleanliness and smell, eg. "He/she had a rather unpleasant toilette". I suppose it is a fairly old-fashioned word, but in this world of newly fabricated, re-defined and lost words, I believe that some deserve to be preserved.

toi·lette ( P ) Pronunciation Key (tw√§-let)n.
The act or process of dressing or grooming oneself; toilet.
A person's dress or style of dress.
A gown or costume.


Tammy said...

You have an odiferous toilette. :P

Loose da word verif.. there's like 12 letters down there for me to type! geesh.

KIT said...

Thanks for your WOW's... appreciated! I hope all your niggles are almost better!