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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Good news, bad news, good news

The good news is that my achilles is feeling a lot better. As suggested by several websites, I think I will move on to some achilles and calf strengthening exercises tomorrow, now that the pain is gone.

The bad news is that I've got a cold. It came on only a few hours after RunCarly came home from Canberra, so that's a bit of a bummer.

Which brings me to the other good (sort of) news. I'm sick, but I'm injured anyway, so it isn't affecting my running. And since I'm not running, the cold might only take a few days to go away rather than weeks. How's that for twisted logic?

BTW. What a great 5000m race last night at the Commonwealth Games!


Phil said...

I think that I am pleased for you, Dave?

I have found the Achillies article I mentioned previously, but only able to photocopy it. I will get it to you somehow in the next couple of days.

I too have been fighting a cold since my return from 6 foot track, so I wonder if those airplane a/cond have a role in these colds?
Keep improving.

Tesso said...

Yep, the best time to be sick is when you are injured, and visa versa. And at least RunCarly is home now to look after you :-)

Fantastic race last night, and best of all not an ad break to speak of!

Tesso said...

Forgot to say, your comment on my blog made me laugh and laugh :-)))

Wobbly man said...

Get better soon Dave. Mottram's gutsy performance and hid post-race interview were just great viewing. He is one committed athlete!

Goolia said...

Well Well Scmarkerell, who would have thought that abstaining from you insane running schedule would do you any good! bad news about the achilles tho.
say hi to everyone in the office for me and let me know if I will be seeing any of you on the Gold Coast in July.

go girl said...

Better to be sick when you can't run. I hope you are feeling better soon on both counts....

Susan said...

Get well soon Dave!

Tammy said...

That's great logic! I would be happy too. Get well soon! :)

A Girl Running said...

Hey there! Just catching up on your blog....LOVE the red racing flats!

Hope your feeling better in time for your achillies to totally recover

LOL I actually thought of you when I saw the big fish so once the rain settles here I am going to perch on the end of my jetty (the neighbours are used to it) and take a photo of them. They are amazing..there is also dolphins but I can never capture the moment with my camera

ps: love the new educating aspect at the end of most entries...even if it has enlightened me to the fact that I am prone to tautology and remain not at all Pert :(

pss: I so love the Fones! What do you think of that new building in the city (The court house?)I think it is perhaps not the best location for it to blend in but I guess thats the point - its bold, beautiful and brilliant.

psss: love the bling

I think I covered everything....oh your 100th entry was great and the Jamie Oliver thing - I was horrified.

Okay really going now....oh one more thing - haven't made it down to Margaret River yet but hope to in the next couple of weeks. I really miss not being able to pop into the Barossa.