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Thursday, March 02, 2006


Didn't run home last night and didn't do speedwork this morning. My Achilles is still feeling a little sore and weak. I don't feel confident pushing it so I'll probably take off another couple of days before testing it out. I was intending on having a light week this week - looks like it will be a really light week.


Tesso said...

Glad you aren't ignoring that achilles niggle! I made that mistake once and ended up sidelined for a couple of months.

CJ said...

A light week is good - make the most of it. It will only help!

go girl said...

Probably best not pushing it too much on the achilles injury Dave. They can be nasty.

Thanks for the suggestion on the naming of my new Garmin.

Phil said...

REST IS YOUR FRIEND! Wise old saying, usually ignored by runners. Glad to know that you are listening to your body. Recover well.

Susan said...

Ah sad but true . . . rest away and try and enjoy!