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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Supple - part 2

Q: What does this word make you think of?

A: Me - soft leather gloves or shoes.
My female officemate - breasts (I know, I couldn't believe it either).
Others - breasts x3, bendy flexible type person x5 (assuming this is what Ewen meant), strange NZ dialect for imbibing x1.

So I'm weird OK.

Not so supple: me after running 25km yesterday morning. I was intending to run about 15km, but I got a bit carried away with things. It was not easy and I was hurting by the last 5km. The achilles seems to have held up, it's just the rest of the body that's sore now!

OK, make that crazy too.


Tesso said...

Yay, good news on the run Dave!

PS Hmmm, soft leather gloves or shoes???

Simlin said...

Yep I had the same intended 15km though not so extreme, only managed 17km.

Susan said...

supple = leather to me.

Louise said...

breasts? supple??? nah - that's weird.

I'm in the bendy flexible type person camp.

Black Knight said...

Supple? I must check my vocabulary. Flexible??? Perhaps my behaviour after the 40.
25 km, a good long workout.

Ewen said...

I think long runs are the enemy of suppleness.

Supple is onomatopoeic (sounds like it is).