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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Not even close

Did the C2B in a PW of 47:04. It was all going well until about km 3 when I started feeling the heat. Then I missed 3 out of 3 grabs at water at the first drink station and didn't stop to get anything. I made sure that I got heaps of water at the next two stations. I think wearing the compression tights was a mistake too, just a little too hot for them today. My impression is that I just wasn't fit enough to do 45 for 12km. I gave it everything, but it just wasn't there. That's OK. I haven't been doing the miles in training and my intensity hasn't been high enough. The disappointing thing is that my two previous runs in the C2B were before I started running "seriously" when I was a hockey player: 46:30 in 1999 and 45:03 in 2000. I must have been fitter then than I thought.

Splits @ HR
1- 3:29 @ 156
2- 3:35 @ 178
3- 3:39 @ 183
4- 3:42 @ 185
5- 3:51 @ 185
6- 3:58 @ 183 22:15
7- 4:06 @ 180
8- 4:07 @ 181
10- 8:27 @ 179 missed the split
11- 4:10 @ 181
12- 3:55 @ 184 47:04

Anyway, I'm happy to have done the event again. The atmoshere was great, the event was huge, I got a nice massage afterwards, and I went for a cool dip in the sea which was really refreshing. There were 23,500 people there today and I'm not sure how much bigger they can make this event given the crowding at the finish area. Walking back to the tram, there were still thousands of people coming through. Luckily I got to the tram before there was a huge line to get back into the city.

There is a slight tingle in the achilles, so I'll have to monitor that. This may well be my last event for the year, apart from the remaining corporate cup runs. There is the Blackhill Challenge in November, an event that I really love and have done well in in the last two years, but I'm not sure that I'll have time for it and the hills might not be too good for the achilles if it comes up a bit sore still.

So stay tuned for what may be fewer entries about just staying fit until next year.

Edit: Official time 47:04. Equal 135th out of 7000-odd.


Phil said...

Well done Dave! It was certainly warm out there, and you weren't the only person to report PW. I pity the poor folk who decided to 'fancy dress it', they must have been dying in some of those costumes!

I hope you will make it for Black Hill, but glad to see that you are out having a crack again.

Simlin said...

your splits look like mine...I also missed the first drink station.
I might give black hill a crack though...first time for everthing.

Wardman said...

Great effort regardless mate, under 50 min is nothing to be sneezed at.
I think I could ride my bike down in just less than that:)

Tesso said...

I'd give anything to be able to run 12 in 47:04 so well done Dave.

I had that problem recently missing water as I tried to grab from the last cup on the table, from then on I've been going for an earlier one. But gee, missing in three grabs, maybe that's what you need to concentrate on in training :-)

May your DOMS be short lived.

Ewen said...

Maybe some hockey playing for cross-training?

I tried, but couldn't think of an onomatopoeic word for "the wheels falling off".

DOMS is visually onomatopoeic (if there is such a thing).