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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Steve Irwin dead

Like just about everyone else in Australia, I was shocked to hear of his death. I must admit that I wasn't a huge fan of his shows, but after hearing of his beliefs and efforts in conservation a few years ago, I admire him for what he has done both directly and indirectly for the conservation of wildlife globally and locally. He seemed like a lovely bloke and a loving and devoted father.

I had the strange coincidence occur that my kids gave me a Croc Hunter card for Father's day then he died the next day. I'll keep it as a reminder to be the best father I can be and to try and involve them more in what I do.

Bravo! to the ABC for showing the interview form a few years ago. It had me laughing the whole time even though it was sad that he's dead. It's a bit cliched to say that he died doing what he loved, but in this case it is certainly true. Thankfully it sounds like it was an instant (albeit intensely painful) death. I wish his family all the best during this time, and I hope his legacy is carried on through the zoo and his other great conservation work.


Tesso said...

Very co-incidental about the card.

The Glasshouse event this weekend was right near his zoo. I lost count of the number of times I drove past the big advertising sign. It reminded me of the day I took my four nephews there, and what an fantastic time we all had. I can say enough great things about the place, it certainly is a credit to him.

A Girl Running said...

It is so sad. he will be remembered in our home everytime the Wiggles Safari DVD is played (as his family is in it)

The card idea is lovely.