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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Evolution of a Mo - Day 28

Kind of like Russell Hammond from Stillwater (band in Almost Famous) but with longer hair.

I got to looking at more images of Billy Crudup and I was amazed at how similar we look (except he has better teeth and a slight dimple in his chin). Then I found this image from Without Limits, a film about Steve Prefontaine. Freaky hey. Now if only I could run like Pre.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Evolution of a Mo - Day 27

Having a bit of fun with the Mo over the last couple of days of Movember. I think this one looks a bit more respectable than the chopper mo.
Ran home last night then ran into uni this morning to go for a 9 km run with Bay. So 31km in the last 13 hours has left me feeling a little sore and tired, but I didn't get to go on a long run on the weekend because I was digging trenches all weekend. All this hard physical work is building up the muscle in my arms and torso. I hope this isn't to the detriment of my running.

The price of bananas is coming down (apparently). The price will reportedly be down to around $2/kg by February. Woohoo!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Evolution of a Mo - Day 26

Tammy suggested that I was looking a bit like James Hetfield. I had to look him up though (not a huge Metallica fan). I think it looks a bit more like this guy below. Which is to say, Spark-Driver, I'm not that impressed with the the look, and I will be reverting back to the goatee at the end of Movember.

For the international readers, this is Mark "Chopper" Read, a notorious criminal and standover man in the Australian underworld. Yes, he has no ears. He chopped them off in prison. You do not want to cross this guy! He has reputedly turned away from crime - probably because he found that he could make heaps of dosh flogging his stories through other media - and is now an author of several dodgy books, had a film about him acted by Eric Bana (of Hulk fame), and wait for it, has written a children's book called "Hooky the Cripple".

Oh yeah, I really want to look like him!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Evolution of a Mo - Day 21

The hiker Mo. Had a postgaduate retreat at Morialta today, so I stayed at my parents place last night to walk around there the next day. Decided to walk up old Norton Summit Rd and then back down through the park to the place where the meeting was held. It was a bit foggy and drizzly this morning, but this is a shot of the city somewhere behind me. Looks like a bit of a bad hair day too.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Evolution of a Mo - Day 20

Getting some volume now. Looking pretty scary too. I'm still not used to it and I don't think I'm ready to maintain it past the end of Movember. The gala partè is on Friday, but I'm too busy to attend. Hopefully I can raise a little bit more by the end of the month. I'm impressed by the amount that the Mo-ray Eels have raised so far. If everybody did such a good job, we'd have a cure for this in no time!

This pic is post-run. Did 9km at lunch with Bay.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Evolution of a Mo - Day 14

Look Spark Driver, no hair on that chin!
Do I look a bit gaunt here?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Evolution of a Mo - Day 13

So I've been a bit slack with the Mo updates, but I have a good excuse. We moved into out new house! And I've been really busy doing all the little things you need to do to get yourself set in the new place, so I just haven't had time. I've only been for one run since Wednesday too! Anyway, here it is the 13 day old mo. Enjoy! Pictures of the new house will come soon, I just need to find the time to take them.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Evolution of a Mo - Day 7

Lookin good!
My mo spurred me on to a third place in today's invitation fun run for the corporate cup. My time for the event was two seconds slower than last fortnight, but it didn't count towards out team's points. I still feel pretty sore from digging etc on the weekend, so I'm pretty happy with that time. Everyone in the invitational got 1 free adult ticket on the the Kangaroo Island ferry which is nice, but I don't know that I'll be able to use it before it runs out at the end of March. It turns out that our team was 3rd fastest in the 4.5km event and 44th in the improvement points, so well done team!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Evolution of a Mo - Day 5

Can you see it now? I've put the details for my registration below. I'm in a team named the Mo-ray eels and my rego number is 39009.

Here's the spiel:

During Movember (the month formerly known as November) I’ll be growin a moustache. That’s right I’m bringing the Mo back because I’m passionate about changing the state of men’s health.
Male health is a major issue, did you know:
Men are far less healthy than women. The average life expectancy of males is 6 years less than females.
Every year in Australia 2,700 men die of prostate cancer – more than the number of women who die from breast cancer.
Depression affects 1 in 6 men…Most don’t seek help. Untreated depression is a leading risk factor for suicide. Rates of suicide are more than double the national road toll.
Help me change the face of men’s health by sponsoring my mo.
Please go to, enter my Rego number which is 39009 and your credit card details. All donations of $2 and over are tax deductible.
The money raised by Movember will be used to change the face of men's health by creating awareness and funding research into prostate cancer and male depression.
Movember culminates at the end of the month at the Gala Partè where I’ll be parading my Mo on the cat walk for a chance to be crowned the Man of Movember. If you want to be part of this great night you’ll have to purchase a Gala Parte ticket for $33.00 (inc GST).
\nCheers\nDavid\nMore info is available at\nMovember is proudly grown by Motorola, Polaroid, Remington and VB.\nMovember is proud partners with the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia and beyondblue - the national depression initiative.


More info is available at
Movember is proudly grown by Motorola, Polaroid, Remington and VB.
Movember is proud partners with the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia and beyondblue - the national depression initiative.

Evolution of a Mo - Day 3

After a long hard day's work digging a sunken garden/retaining wall out the back of our new house.
Glad I didn't go in the Blackhill Challenge the next morning. Every muscle my body was aching! Went for a "long" run anyway (ca 13 km) and it took me 15 minutes to loosen up!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Evolution of a Mo - Day 2

Can you see it yet?

Not going in the Blackhill Challenge on Sunday. We've got too much to do on the house. Looking forward to racing in the invitational fun run for corporate cup next week instead. Next event after that is likely to be the SARRC Christmas Frolic.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

A million kilometres for Tibet

Check out the Race for Tibet website and then pledge your training/racing kilometres to "A million kilometres for Tibet".

China, you cannot brutalise an entire nation and get away with it.

Evolution of a Mo - Day 1

Late starter, blank canvas.

I may be a day late, but I have decided to do the Mo thang for Movember. Here is a pic of the blank canvas (shaved last night, taken today) and a before photo for comparison (complaints about picture quality can be sent to Sony-Ericsson). I'll put up the details of my Mo crew soon, so you can donate your hard-earned to prostate cancer research and other men's health issues (no, not the mag). We have a history of prostate cancer in our family, so I really want them to find a cure.

So, what style of mo am I going for? You'll just have to wait and see!