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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Evolution of a Mo - Day 20

Getting some volume now. Looking pretty scary too. I'm still not used to it and I don't think I'm ready to maintain it past the end of Movember. The gala partè is on Friday, but I'm too busy to attend. Hopefully I can raise a little bit more by the end of the month. I'm impressed by the amount that the Mo-ray Eels have raised so far. If everybody did such a good job, we'd have a cure for this in no time!

This pic is post-run. Did 9km at lunch with Bay.


A Girl Running said...

I notice Andrew G has a similair Movember style going on.

Ewen said...

Looks slightly less scary with the R4YL cap.

Tesso said...

Doesn't look thaaaaaat scary. Well, not yet. Are you not even trimming it?

R2B said...

Going Great there Dave.
Your definately Mo' ving along...

My wife told me that if i was going to grow one than she was too!
She wasn't kidding!

So i thought i would save us both the embarrassment and just raise money for others!

Good work and write some new words for us all.