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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Evolution of a Mo - Day 21

The hiker Mo. Had a postgaduate retreat at Morialta today, so I stayed at my parents place last night to walk around there the next day. Decided to walk up old Norton Summit Rd and then back down through the park to the place where the meeting was held. It was a bit foggy and drizzly this morning, but this is a shot of the city somewhere behind me. Looks like a bit of a bad hair day too.


Ewen said...

Hiker Mo is not so scary - except for the pink shirt and bad hair day ;)

Black Knight said...

....and the 2 things that look like 2 antennas.

Tammy said...

hmm... the song "sweet home alabama" suddenly comes to mind. ;)

Spark Driver said...

Looks like great country to have a run.

I suppose yours is one of the few Mo's that will be staying after December 1st??