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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

What is the word for...

that chalky yucky feeling you get in your mouth when you eat an unripe banana? You know the one, where you screw your face up and try to suck the leftover banana residue out of your mouth whilst making a silly sucking noise.

I've been savouring my 'nanies lately in the event that the destruction of the banana crop by cyclone Larry will push the price of the remaining crops through the roof into luxury status. They're already $5/kilo, up from $2-3/kilo, but they are still good quality. It's times like these that you start to appreciate what you've previously taken for granted. I generally eat a banana a day. I wonder what price I'll pay to continue this habit?

Almost over the cold. Achilles is feeling a lot better. Might take one more weekend off just for good measure.


Tesso said...

$5.99 a kilo at my local fruit and veg shop. Soon they'll have them in a locked glass display cabinet or chained up like they do with leather jackets :-)

Good news about the achilles and the cold.

D said...

Glad that you are feeling better. We have no time for injuries and illness!

To answer your question, my daughter will not run w/me. She says I am too fast. I always tell her I will run her pace, but no....I think it is a teenage thing!

I like your new vocabulary segment you have added.

A Girl Running said...

I have cut down my banana consumption for now.

Glad your feeling better