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Monday, March 27, 2006

: (

Still sick, still feeling like the achilles is not quite right. That's all I have to say about the matter. : (


Sekhmet said...

Ooh, that's not good :( I hope you feel better soon.....

go girl said...

Cheer up Dave : ) You will be back before you know it.

Have a coffee, I'm sure that will make you feel a bit better.

Susan said...

I bet some 3/4 tights would make you feel better : )

Tesso said...

Ah Dave, injury sucks doesn't it. Now I know what they mean by endorphines. I want some!!!!

Hopefully we'll be comparing running stories again soon.

Meanwhile, take care.

Your fellow Sad Sack Tesso.

Phil said...

Patience is something all runners learn. Remember that last year you had some serious down time with illness, and still had some great results with your running. Focus on the recovery, try some type of cross training discipline, catch up on your PhD! Your running expertise will not disappear overnight, you know!

All things are for a reason, find that reason. Good recovery to you.

A Girl Running said...

hope you feel better real soon Run Dave. I have just recovered from Bronchitis so I can understand the whole "I am feeling like crap" feeling.

At least you have no choice but to rest the achilles

Perhaps that soars the spirits a little?

Ewen said...

You could walk around in your red shoes!