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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Baby Steps

Went for a run this morning with the track timers. I just did slow laps of the track while they did speedwork. Got in 5km in about 25 minutes. The effort wasn't too hard and the achilles felt OK. I strapped it using a technique I saw on a sports injury website. We'll see how the leg feels over the next couple of days before setting out for another run. At the moment it will be baby steps to see how much I can do and whether I've recovered. Will keep up stretching and massage. Now that I'm over the cold, I'll try and do some more strength sessions too.

Nice to meet Michel (hope I got your name right) out at the session this morning. It is awesome to know that there are people out there that are following my running progress and life, and even nicer to meet some of you.

Speaking of meeting people. Phil, Robbo and Murray of Track Timers blog fame are going over to Canberra for the marathon (Phil is doing the 50km). Feel free to say hi to them any of you who may be reading my blog and are running in Canberra. The guys will probably be wearing SARRC singlets. Phil met a few of you at 6FT a few weeks ago, but I'm sure the other guys would love some conversation and encouragement.

I think I'll put a favourite word in another entry.


E-Speed said...

hope the achilles gets better! Just keep easing back in and keep icing!

Tesso said...

Great news about the run Dave!!!! I'm so pleased to hear the achilles felt okay. Probably a good place to do it, the track is nice and gentle.

I'll definitely keep an eye out for those SARRC guys in Canberra, either from the sideline on on the road. Hey, maybe you can post a piccie of the singlet if you can.