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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

My Favourite Words

I've decided to start a list of my favourite words. Why? Because I like some words more than others and I love etymology.

My absolute favourite word for the last couple of years: heterodoxy. I'm not exactly sure why I love this word so much, but I feel like it describes my personality a bit. I like the sound of it. I think that perhaps it is self-fulfilling, in that the conventional or common word to use would be unorthodox. Hence I prefer to use the unorthodox word for unorthodox. Get it? Plus, I have rather heterodox beliefs regarding spirituality.

het·er·o·dox·y ( P ) n. pl. het·er·o·dox·ies
The condition or quality of being heterodox.
A heterodox opinion or doctrine.

het·er·o·dox ( P ) adj.
Not in agreement with accepted beliefs, especially in church doctrine or dogma.
Holding unorthodox opinions.


Tesso said...

Thanks Dave. I can actually learn something (non running related) by reading your blog!

Carolyne said...

Good Word du jour Dave! I'll take that definition on board too.