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Monday, February 06, 2006

Big week

Stepped up the km this week to 77, partly due to my long run being 36km instead of 30. Long run started at Normanville and went out to Ingalalla Falls (pictured) and came back via Ridge road and then Yankalilla. I love running in this area, especially because of the baked goods you can have afterwards at from the Yankalilla bakery.
Earlier in the week I did a Mona fartlek with the thursday morning speedwork group which was fun. I'd never done the mona fartlek before and very little of any fartlek for that matter. It was also good to have someone leading the session - it makes it a lot easier to concentrate on running rather than the time.
Other than those 2 sessions, I did several other 6-11km runs. Legs are pretty sore today - probably not as sore as Tesso and Tankgirl - so I'll have the day off.
RunDave out.

PS. I've lost a couple of kilos over the last two weeks, which is OK, but now I need to make sure I don't lose too much weight.


go girl said...

Huge effort for the weekend Dave! Well done. I love the picture.

Tesso said...

Many thanks for your comments in my blog Dave.

Maybe I've read it but forget, what marathon are you targetting this year? I figure if you are already doing 36k runs it must be soon.

Sekhmet said...

Ooh - that's a pretty picture! I'd be doing long runs too if I had that kind of scenery to take in :)

Mammoth effort for the week ;)

Susan said...

Can you lose some weight for me please . . . waaaa waaa waaaa . . .

Great job on the fartleks - 77kms is great too.

Jaykay said...

Oh to be able to say: "hope I don't lose too much weight!!"

Beautiful picture!

A Girl Running said...

oh wow that is just gorgeous!

Oh dear, it must be hard worrying about losing too much weight! Hopefully I can suffer from that worry one day too!

I have not heard of mona fartlek....might have to do a google I think!