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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

January Mileage

JAN: 237

A strong start to the year for me. Lost 4 days to a headcold, but got over it quickly by heeding my body's warning and taking the days off. Will build on this in the coming month and try to get some more speedwork in for the 10km race later in the month.

Also, ran in this morning 11km feeling very strong after having sore legs yesterday during two shorter 6km runs. Will try to get to the 6am speed session with the Track Timers tomorrow morning.


go girl said...

Great monthly total there Dave. Well done!

Hey that beer mile sounds like a good idea. If it takes off don't forget to have an ice cream race in there too for the girls.

Phil said...

I think go girl might be onto something. We could add a couple of undercard events for the kid's and less athletic amongst us!
Make it a fun family type day as well.

Susan said...

Wow - that is great mileage . . . I only got in 73 miles or 117 miles.

A Girl Running said...

Well done on not overdoing things when your sick

I was hoping you could help me with something.
I am thinking of buying a SARRC top before I leave, can you tell me if it actually has Adelaide on it (or is it just the abbrev.) I thought I would try asking you as you bought a running singlet (??) recently and I have emailed and asked the club so many questions over the last year I am sure they must be sick of me.

RYN: oopsy...I sometimes have to pretend to write something just to remember which one is my right hand.....