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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Long run, sore body

This will be a quick entry today, I have heaps of work to do. Sorry if I've missed replying to any comments.

Went for a good 31km long run this morning (2:27). Much faster than the long run last weekend (4:45s vs 5:15s). Body is very sore now. This is partly due to the hard pace of the run and partly due to shifting a couple of tonnes of fill by wheelbarrow yesterday at the building site. Rest tomorrow and hopefully the body will be a bit fresher by Tuesday. I really need a massage!


Tesso said...

Wow, great pace for that long run. I know how you feel about the massage, as painful as I know my next one will be I'm so looking forward to it I'm counting the sleeps!

D said...

What a run! Yes to your question on my blog about Krav Maga.

Black Knight said...

Very good long workout at a great pace.

A Girl Running said...

What a brilliant run!

I am offline for the next few weeks or more...happy running till then!