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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Tesso asked about the nickname for South Australians. As I commented in her blog, we are the croweaters. I have been a proud croweater all my life, but it occurred to me that I didn't actually know why we are called that. I had a rough idea of what it might be, and as it turns out I was nearly right. I thought I'd make it one of my words, not because it has been a favourite word of mine, just because I find it intriguing.

Wikipedia entry:
Croweater is an Australian slang term for people from South Australia. Early settlers often ate the breast meat of crows, parrots and cockatoos when there was a shortage of red meat and the term croweater entered the lexicon in the late 1800s. The term is not considered derogatory.

Now for running news. Yesterday I went for a run at lunchtime. I ran across to the uni loop (2.2km loop) and ran three laps. As I was running, I noticed that my HR was quite high. I wasn't sure if this was due to lost fitness or running too fast. It turns out it may have been a bit of both. In my haste to get out and finally do some running I ran around 4:10-4:20/km which is a lot faster than my usual steady runs. My average HR for each lap was 165, 163 and 167 and the times were 9:31, 9:15 and 9:31. I had the achilles strapped up and it felt fine. The legs still feel OK today, so I think I may be on the way back. Even so, I will make sure I take things slowly.

I did some strength work again this morning which felt really good. I have taken up a new approach to sleep after reading this article. I am going to bed only when I feel tired and setting the alarm for 5:30am every morning. I started on Sunday morning so I could take advantage of the end of daylight savings. Getting up this early was difficult for the first few days, but it has given me more time to get ready and do other things in the morning. I have also found that I am actually tired at night and ready to sleep instead of staying up past midnight and still not feeling tired. As suggested in the article, I'm going to give this approach 30 days to see how it goes, but as I said, I've already seen some benefits.


Tesso said...

That's great the achilles didn't play up during the run Dave. Sounds like you might be on top of it.

Croweater certainly sounds better than canetoad or cockroach. Now I'm gonna have to find out what Victorians, Taswegians and Northern Territorians are.

Thanks for the link to that sleep article. I'll have to give it a go.

Ewen said...

Interesting! I didn't know crow-eater actually came from eating crows.

What about Australian Capital Territorians?! Maybe we're pollyeaters?

D said...

Interesting! Good article.

Susan said...

Very interesting - dontcha just love wikipedia!

miners said...

well mr croweater - I hope the sleep strategy works for you. I seem to be doing pretty much the same thing though. Not disciplined about bed-time, but fairly regimented in the waking stakes.

Thanks for your support during the lead-up and following the IM mate. I really appreciate to hear that others are interested in the rubbish I go on with. Glad you were there with me for it