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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I've come to the realisation that my achilles problem is probably a result of my neglected back and abdominal strengthening and stretching. I have been getting a lot of tightness through my hips, lower back and hamstings as well as my knees and calves. Basically the whole right-hand side from the lower back down feels tight and causes some pain while running. This is similar to what I used to get playing hockey and I overcame it by continual stretching and strengthening exercises. Since I retired from hockey and started running, I basically gave up these exercises thinking that they were unnecessary for this type of activity. How stupid! So I have started back with my old regime of stretching and I'll work to rebuild the strength and stability that I worked so hard to achieve to be able to play hockey. This may be a slow process, and running may be quite painful for a while, but I will get it fixed.

I ran home from uni on Sunday night, which is when I fully realised that the old problems were back. The time was OK - 50 min for 10.5km - but I was uncomfortable most of the way. I took Addi for a run this morning; more discomfort, but not as bad due to the fact that I had done about 30 min stretching for a 29 min run.

Anyway, feel free to drop me a reminder every now and then to keep up the exercises.

Oo oo, I nearly forgot. It was my birthday last week and I had a really nice dinner with the family and went to a housewarming at my cousin's (who shares the same birthday as me) new house . I think over the 2-3 days around my birthday, I had a grand total of 5, yes 5 cakes. All of them good, all of them very fatty, so hopefully I haven't put on any weight from this.


R2B said...

Happy Birthday!
Hope your stretching does the trick and you are painfree quickly.

So thats where the term "crow eater" comes from?


Black Knight said...

Happy.....late birthday. I made your same mistake: no stretching and I had many problems. Now the thermal baths are helping me. One bath after every long run.

Susan said...

Happy late birthday Dave. Get to stretching and crunching!

Tesso said...

Mmmmm, cakes :-) Happy Birthday for last week!

I think we all need to keep reminding eachother of the stretching/strengthening side of running. Its been my downfall more than once.

I thought to look a few times while I was running but I didn't see any SARRC guys. Guess I wasn't out there long enough ;-) Next time!

Re my marathon music I recall you are a fan and so thought of you when The Magnetic Fields came on (I Think I Need A New Heart - luv that song!). Mundian To Bach by Punjabi MC was playing when I pulled up - not an easy song to stop running on!

brucer said...

happ birthday dave - i think you are on the right track with stretching. try pilates it is great