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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Serious inactivity

I ran on Thursday and still felt uncomfortable but not too sore. Then over the weekend the lower back and right leg got progressively worse, to the point where walking was uncomfortable. So no running for this little black duck. Even a fair amount of stretching didn't seem to alleviate the problem. So I have bitten the bullet and done what I should have done weeks ago: I have booked in to see my physiotherapist tomorrow. I thought I could get out of this mess myself, but I seem to have made things worse, so it is my only option really.

So I haven't run since Thursday, I won't be running for at least another couple of weeks, and I can't even walk comfortably. Added to this is the fact that I havn't kept up with the blog too well, and although I have been browsing bloglines, I haven't been leaving any comments or replying to those left on mine. So sorry to my audience for neglecting you for the last week. I promise I will keep everyone updated with my progress, and as an added bonus, I will answer the 11 questions I was tagged with by Tesso and Beki soon.


KIT said...

I hope the injury is nothing too serious. Nice too see another running vego :-)

Wobbly man said...

Get better soon Dave. A sub 3:00 Adelaide Marathon - wow - now there is a goal worth chasing!

Ewen said...

This is not good Dave (the injury, not the inactivity).

Sorry I missed those SARRC singlets in Canberra... the Striders and CR singlets were so mesmerising.