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Monday, April 03, 2006

SARRC singlet

Tesso and anyone else running in Canberra, this is me modelling the SARRC singlet if you are trying to find the Track Timers. Shorts will differ. Sorry about the small pics, they were "borrowed" from the Oz day fun run event photographer. Links here and here to the larger photos with HUGE watermarks obscuring most of the photo. I really love the top photo, but I wasn't keen on forking out the exorbitant price for the prints.


Tracey said...

Thanks for your input in my post dave much appreciated to get another opinion

Ewen said...

You're right Dave. They're not red!

Tesso said...

Thanks Dave. I'll definitely keep an eye out.

So its canetoads for QLD, cockroaches for NSW, sandgropers for WA etc What does one call out to Sth Aussies - "go ?????"

Black Knight said...

Nice pictures and I think expensive. Here the same, you need an extra salary to buy the "memories".

Phil said...

a South Aussie is usually referred to as a croweater! Don't ask, I don't know the origin, and it was around a long time before the AFL side Adel Crows (they borrowed it in fact.
Dave looks a lot better and faster though in his SARRC singlet than any of us slow crew who are going to Canberra.

RunDave said...

Aw shucks Phil. Faster, sometimes. Better looking, debateable.