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Friday, February 17, 2006

Slow recovery

Well, after the solid race on Tuesday night I was very tired and sore on Wednesday, so I took the day off running. I missed speedwork on Thursday morning because Carly wanted to do a walk before I ran into work. I did a slow recovery run into uni which loosened the legs up a bit, but I was sore all day. This morning I found that I could run in a lot faster, but the legs do still feel a bit tired and slight soreness. Lower back is a little bit niggly too, but I think it just needs some stretching.

I'll be doing my long run tomorrow morning instead of Sunday this week, because it is our son's second birthday party on Sunday. Looking to do about 25 km this week, dropping back from the last couple of weeks to work on a mini-taper before the 10km next weekend.

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E-Speed said...

some of my best speed workouts occur on days when my legs are sore. No clue why.