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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Long run Saturday/ Sarah's

Slept in this morning because the kids stayed at my parents last night. Didn't end up getting out for the long run until after 10am. Ran up to the top of the Waite institute then continued up along some steep trails into the bush. Ran around the hill and back down into housing and generally got lost and backtracked for about 10min. Eventually made my way out into suburbia at the top of Cross Roads, then ran through back streets into uni. Going on time (1:46) and stuffing around factors, I'd say I did about 22km, which is less than I'd wanted, but probably enough for now. Felt pretty good the whole way and picked up the pace a bit in the last couple of km.

The reason the kids were at my parents place is because we went out to dinner with Carly's parents to Sarah's Sisters Restaurant in Semaphore (formerly Sarah's Cafe in Pt Adelaide). This is without doubt the best vegetarian restaurant in Adelaide, and probably one of the better restaurants full-stop. Without going into too much detail about the food, the format of the meals is a 5-6 course degustation, starting with soup, moving through 3-4 different courses and finishing with desert. All the dishes were very nice, although not for those on a strict weight-loss diet. It probably wasn't the best thing for the night before a long run, but I didn't seem to have any trouble today. If you live in Adelaide, or are visiting sometime, I very highly recommend this restaurant.

OK, at the request of Tesso, here is what we ate. I bear no responsibility for keyboards damaged by drool. And apologies about the vague description of most of the dishes, I can't remember what most of them were called. First up was a spicy lentil and vegetable soup. This was quite sweet and I think it may have had roast capsicum and fennel in it. Next was spinach and ricotta Gnocchi. These were Golf ball sized balls of goodness covered in a light tomato sauce. Next was a mushroom and zucchini casserole. This was the highlight of the meal for me. It was a beautiful blend of spices and the mushrooms were tender and juicy. This was followed by a refreshing Waldorf salad, the smell of which was so good, it was almost too good to eat. I can't remember if this next dish was before or after the salad, but it was a warm thai noodle salad with lots of Coriander, mild chilli and satay sauce. Finally, the desert was Tiramisu and chocolate mousse cake and we all had coffees (double shot capuccino for me as usual). I just had the Tiramisu, but you could have both if you wanted. I thought the Tiramisu was OK but it was a bit rich for me. For drinks I started with a Little Creatures Pale Ale (Mmmmmm floral hoppy nose) and we shared a bottle of BYO d'Arenberg cab sauv/merlot/petit verdot/cab franc over dinner which was also excellent.


Tesso said...

Hey Dave, if you're talking food, and great food at that, how about some detail .... especially about the dessert :-)

Tesso said...

OMG, that sounds soooooo nice! Coriander and chilli and satay .... yum! And spinich and ricotta ... and fennel ... and and and ... these are more than a few of my favourite things.

Thanks so much for the details! You're right, drool! Now I'm hungry. And wishing it was wine-o'clock :-)

CJ said...

That meal sounded just delicious - i will have to check out that restaurant when I go back to Adelaide for a visit (I have relatives there). The best thing about it is that I can eat everything, being one of those troublesome vegetarians - wow!

Phil said...

The wine sound superb! Glad to hear I am not the only one who gets a little confused up on those trails Dave! I hope the little blokes birthday was great.

Black Knight said...

22 km on those places are a very good job. Tiramisu (it means "take me up) you eat italian cakes?

RunDave said...

I eat all kinds of cakes. Tiramisu is quite common in cafes in Australia although it is probably nothing like the original version. I absolutely love panatone especially when it is put in trifle, but this is certainly a rare treat! My favourite cake is orange and poppyseed cake or muffins. I also quite like orange or lemon and poppyseed friands.