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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Evolution of a Mo - Day 14

Look Spark Driver, no hair on that chin!
Do I look a bit gaunt here?


Bay said...

No, not gaunt, but you look tired! House wearing you out?

I'm sure it's a mountain at the moment, but it'll be SO good to have your own place!

Tesso said...

I think you look very tidy :-)

rissa said...

hi Dave,
Mo is looking good although you do look a bit tired - don't work too hard, I'm sure your talk will go well! Good luck and let us know how it goes! And when are you going to send us some pics of the new place?! :) Take it easy, Riss

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the final move in!
My Mo is making a comeback.

Em said...

Looking more dangerous by the day!

A Girl Running said...

I don't think you look gaunt - you have sharp bone structure, love the mo so far..looks neat