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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Pace trial

Ran a few laps of the uni loop with Bayden today to get a feel for the pace that we would like to run on Sunday. We went out too fast in the first lap, hit the right pace for the second, and carried that through for another lap. It's a nice comfortable pace for me, and Bayden seemed to be doing pretty well too. Hopefully his legs hold out for the 21km. I think we must both be excited/nervous about the race, because we talked the whole time about it.

Forecast for Sunday is looking good.
Showers 9°C - 18°C


Ewen said...

Good practise for Sunday. I wouldn't have thought showers was good.

Phil said...

Good Luck to you and your charge Dave on Sunday. I am doing my usual pace job on the Marathon for my charges, so hope to catch up after the finish line.

I bet you get a buzz out of seeing your running partner achieve his goals too!

Black Knight said...

I cannot wait for reading the sub 1.45 report!