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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

PM in AM CC!

That's right, our PM, little Johnny Howard, was out there this morning powering around the Torrens in his tragic Wallabies track suit. Except he was going the wrong way for the Corporate Cup! As much as I don't agree with his politics, I have to say that he is setting a good example by getting out there and exercising, despite a busy schedule.

How did my run go? Well I've raised the bar again with a 17:05 for the 4.5km course. I was really pushing it this morning and only eased off with about 500m to go when I realised that I was well under my previous time. I still think I can improve quite a bit, and I think I probably had a little bit taken away by the half on the weekend, but how long can I continue this sort of improvement. The calf/achilles felt fine during the run, but there is still some tightness there when I cool down. I'll have to keep a close watch on that and keep up the stretching and massage.

I'm now seriously considering a crack at my PB of 45:03 for the City 2 Bay. My pace this morning was about 3:47 and I'd need a pace of at least 3:45 to crack 45 min. I was pushing pretty hard this morning and I don't know that I could have maintained it for 12km, but I am coming off the back of a half marathon and I would have the added advantage of having other runners to pace in the C2B. Anyway, we'll see how training goes over the next 2 weeks. I might use the next CC run as a test to see whether I can manage the required pace, and then enter straight afterwards if I'm feeling OK.


Tesso said...

We ran past the PM a few weeks ago when he was power walking up here in Brissie. Like you I don't agree with his politics at all, still it was kind of exciting to see him in the flesh.

Good luck in the build up to the C2B. I reckon you are in with a chance of setting a new PB.

Simlin said...

I hope you were not carrying your running screwdriver when you ran past him because his minders might have...done nothing...but you might have made the news.
Look forward to seeing you (or not seeing you..I will be at the back of the pack trying to dodge all the walkers) burning up ANZAC highway!

A Girl Running said...

wow, it takes me 34:18 to run 4.5km! I am in awe.

I always wondered why he doesn't just start running but I guess he would be interupted heaps