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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Half marathon report

Well what a great day!

Nice to meet CRs Simlin and Wardman, if only briefly. Sorry guys, everything was a bit of a rush and I had to catch up with so many people out there. Wardman, congratulations on getting through your first half. Simlin, well done on getting through the 10, onward and upward. To the Mystery Sydney Strider CR (or was that Nando, I'm confused now), I called out to you about 200m from the finish as we went past, I hope you're OK because you looked in pretty bad shape.

We went really well. Baden had set a target of 1:45 for the half and we did it in 1:36. We basically went out at a comfortable pace and managed to keep it going til about 18km, then I picked up the pace and brought it home hard with Baden picking up my shoulder. I think for the first time ever, I managed a negative split of about 48:38 for the first 10.6km and 47:22 for the second 10.5km. Baden was pretty happy and I was very pleased that it went so well.
Our km splits were:
4:56 (1.1Km)
4:20 (a bit short I think)
5:02 (hence a bit long)

Total 1:35:58

My wife battled through in 2:20 and paid for not having an energy drink or lollies out on the course, but it was an excellent effort condsidering it was her first half and she has had limited preparation over the last 4 weeks due to injury and sickness. Thanks to the woman who gave her a couple of Jellybeans with 6 or 7 km to go, apparently they were the two most energising jellybeans ever consumed!

The weather out there was perfect for good times, cool in the morning with the sun coming out but not really heating up and no wind to speak of. I know a few people had really good times in the marathon. I'm kind of disappointed that I wasn't able to do the marathon, although I probably wouldn't have gone close to my PB despite the good conditions. Oh well, there's always next year. A little birdy tells me that the organisers WILL have a new course next year and it sounds like it will be a good one. I can't give away any more so stay tuned!


Tesso said...

Well done Dave! Gee, so far under target. We must get you up here to pace us to a decent half marathon :-)

Black Knight said...

Great race, wonderful final time. Congrats

Ewen said...

A well paced half Dave - you both did well.

Congratulations also to your wife on her half marathon. A great effort.