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Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Went for my longest run since my injury on saturday. The achilles has come up a bit sore so i'll need to take some more time off running. It's a bit frustrating, but i don't really have any time for running at the moment anyway. Might just have to run for fitness and fun until next year. I'll see how things look in a week or 2. With any luck I may still get up for the Adelaide half or the C2B.
PhD progressing well.


Susan said...

Welcome back. Running for fun is the way to go.

Phil said...

Track Timers wish you a sound recovery, Dave. Keep the PhD going and the running can just be a release, instead of a focus. Remember, there is always coffee after Track Time on Thursday morning!

miners said...

good to hear from you again mate - hope the achilles settles itself really soon, whether or not you have the time to run right now anyway.

Tesso said...

You hadn't blogged for so long I though you were off on a really long run ;-)

Damn stupid achilles injuries. They take a while to recover from.

Black Knight said...

Welcome back. Paraphrasing the latins we could say: "currere est necesse, vivere non est necesse"