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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Commuting PB

Got a PB for my 8 km commute to work today, 31:14 with a pack and in 27 degree heat. Easy run home was pretty quick too, around 35 min.

Going to try very hard and get up for tracktimes tomorrow morning. Hopefully I'll do some Yasso 800s.

I have a new interesting word coming soon. Stay posted!


Tesso said...

Congrats on the commute PB :-)

Glad you liked the Magnetic Fields vid. Its such a cute little animation, whoever put it together did well.

Ewen said...

Too fast. You need another 20kg in that backpack.

How about this new word from Hilda's blog, 'armony'? It's my favourite this week.

Clarkey said...

Geez dave, if thats an accurate 8km then that is flying on the commute!! Look out if you run with no luggage!!

Wardman said...

Now Dave, taking a taxi to work and timing that is just not cricket!!!
Hope the training is going well, and hope to see you at an SARRC event in the not too distant future,


Simlin said...

my 7.7km commute PB is 40mins, and I only ran it that fast because I was late for a teleconference with if only I could do it in 30mins...;)