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Monday, June 11, 2007

Longest run out of the way

Had my longest run in the lead-up to the Pich Richi marathon yesterday: 36 km in 2:55. The distance has been building up nicely over the last few months and I'm feeling in pretty good shape. I'll probably have one more big week mileage-wise, then start to scale things back in preparation for the marathon. This is the best buildup I've had to a marathon yet, and if it wasn't such a difficult course, I'd be tipping a very good time, but I think I'll just aim to get around my PB and try for the elusive sub-3 at the Adelaide marathon. I might also use the SARRC Derby Dash in two weeks as a pace trial for the marathon.


Tesso said...

Wow, I didn't realise you were doing Pichi Richi. Its the same day as the GC isn't it? Its one I've always wanted to do just so I could say Pichi Richi - it sounds so cool :-)

Happy tapering.

Ewen said...

Have a crack at the sub-3 Dave. Never know, you could 'do an Eagle'.

Bay said...

I suppose you won't be pacing me in Adelaide this year then...... Just think, if you do a sub-3, you'll be having your coffee by the time I finish!

Simlin said...

My bloglines must have missed your comeback dave! I only did Greenbelt this year and then SMH half...but will see you at Derby Dash and Adelaide marathon...but as bay said, by the time I finish you may be onto your third coffee :)