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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Trying to get this thing going again

Had a huge run last Sunday. Meant to go out for 1:30 and ended up out there for 2:30 and stumbling home in the darkness. Didn't get out for the rest of the week due to a) soreness from the long run, b) looking after chicken pox boy and c) soreness from stacking it on skateboard.

Eventually got out today for a sharp run from the city to Flagstaff Hill after walking through the Earth ride today.

A note on the earth ride. The event was a good start, and the turnout was quite good considering the rainy weather. However, I had intended to run around the 5km with the now recovered pox boy riding. The ride was so slow that I could comfortably stroll the distance and most of the riders rolled around struggling to stay upright. I know they were trying to keep everyone together and only shut down road for the minimum amount of time, but if they really want to get people along to these events and make a statement, then close the roads fully for an hour or so and let everyone roll around at their own pace.