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Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Went in the Blackhill Challenge on Sunday. Bettered the time from last year by about 40 seconds and got in under an hour. A quality field saw my placing drop from 9th last year to 10th this year. Felt pretty good after the race and all day Monday, but today I've been hit by a combination of a minor cold and pretty bad DOMS. I can't believe you can feel so good after a race and then days later feel so sore! I did a warm down run and stretching (sort of), but I don't think the half dozen beers I had on Sunday afternoon would have helped much. Won't be running for another couple of days I think.

Hoping to travel over to Canberra for work in the first two weeks of December, so I might try and work in a run in the Black Mountain Challenge.


go girl said...

Well done on the Blackhill Challenge Dave. That DOMS has a lot to answer for. Hope the legs get better soon.

CJ said...

I know exactly what you mean about DOMS. After the Bulls Head Challenge downhill race I did I suffered badly with DOMS about 2 days after the event, and it continued for several days.

I'm considering the Black Mountain Challenge - haven't made up my mind yet.....Though if they have coffee at the top and it was of decnt quality......!

A Girl Running said...

My husband is off to Canberra for a job interview in mid December. You will have to let me know what it's like (unless you can tell me already) I should check out the coolrunning calender for the ACT