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Monday, March 12, 2007

Long overdue update

Sorry for the long overdue post. This is what I've been up to.
  1. Went out to sea for two weeks;
  2. Came home and have been busy at work for two weeks;
  3. Had our son's delayed birthday party;
  4. Have been trying to cram as much running and cycling into the last two weeks, before heading out to sea for another two weeks tomorrow.
  5. Went to Womadelaide on Saturday which was great, but hot and dusty;
  6. Highlights were Lior, Augie March, Deborah Conway (yes seriously, she was great!), Blue King Brown, Sarah Donovan (who managed to conjure up a cool change), and the Waifs (even though one of the girls forgot the words to "London still" - making babies does that it seems).

In other news, dad is doing well. He's back at work part-time and going walking twice a day. He seems to have made a very good recovery and the doctors think so too.

For those who have requested a photo of the new 'do, you'll have to wait a few more weeks, until I get back from sea. I could take a picture now, but it has grown out a bit and really is starting to look a bit crap.

Running is going OK despite the interruptions. Starting to think about some events to go in. I think I'll start with the Greenbelt Half for a start and then see how things go with time, money, fitness and injury etc.

I'll be back in a couple of weeks.



Tesso said...

Great to hear you are still with us, I was beginning to get a bit worried that a slimey green mackeral may have devoured you.

Womad sounds fantastic. Fellow blogger Robert Song was going, he was sooooo excited too. And one of my good friends (an ex-Adelaidian) has been to loads of them and was going along this year.

What a line-up! I've always been a bit of a Deborah Conway fan, so I believe you that she was great :-)

Bay said...

Hey Dave, welcome home - or should I say safe sailing? Glad to hear that all is well (although frantic). Maybe I'll catch you some time on the track and swap stories!

Ewen said...

Thanks for the update Dave. Crap is OK - you were too much like your good looking younger brother.

See you in a couple of weeks.

Simlin said...

2 weeks at sea? have to take up swimming!