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Thursday, July 05, 2007

I'm excited!

Yes I am. Only 3 sleeps to go until Pichi Richi. I'm feeling great, well rested, fitter than any other marathon preparation and I just want to get out there and have a great run. Time for some goals:

A - Sub-3. Given the hilly nature of the course this is unlikely, but who knows what might happen if I get through the hills still feeling fine. I raced 25 km two weeks ago at much faster pace than my half marathon PB, so I've obviously got the pace, and I have done some good distance in this buildup. If I can make it to the Half marathon start in 1:30, maybe I can get pulled through by some of the faster runners.

B - Solid PB. My current PB of just over 3:19 is a bit soft I think (based on half marathon and other distances), but I didn't have a good prep for either of my previous Marathons. So I reckon something in the order of 3:10-3:15. Don't destroy myself on this course and write-off any chance of going sub-3 in the Adelaide Marathon

C - A PB, ie anything under 3:19. Cruise through and enjoy the beautiful Flinders Ranges.

Wish me luck!


Simlin said...

If you say so Dave...
Good LUCK!

Ewen said...

Good luck Dave. I'll buy you a Coopers or two if you get the 'A'. You could probably bludge a bit and still get the 'B'. Just don't do a Nando (hit the wall at 41k and take 15mins to finish).

Tesso said...

Good luck Dave!!!!!

Bay said...

Ok, I was a bit slow on this one (lucky I sent luck via email!). Not sure luck has a lot to do with it, and I can say that because I know what you got. Can't wait for the race report!