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Monday, May 05, 2008

Long overdue update

I haven't been keeping this blog up to date for a while now, but I have still been running. I haven't really done anything of note lately. I went in a casual 10 km race in Auckland while at a conference over there coming in around 10th in 39:17, not bad for the lack of training and also a late night the night before (conference dinner).

I still haven't decided which events I'll be targeting later in the year. I may try to improve my PB in the marathon in August. I have been doing my long runs mostly on trails over the last 6 months and I've really enjoyed that (with a few exceptions like the weekend). This leads me to thinking that I should do the Trailblazer (either 50 or 100 km) in October or the Yurrebilla trail run (non-competitive) also in October I think. If I have time, I may go in a few of the shorter SARRC events between no and the marathon. I'm also thinking about going in some SA athletics XC events or the joggers world series. I may even do some of the SA masters athletics events now that I meet their age requirements (30).

That's right, I am now in my 4th decade. To celebrate the day I ran 30 km. I also got some new treads (pictured below) which have been excellent for the mix of trail and road running that I've been doing recently.

Anyway, I hope the update has been sufficient for nyone who is still reading this blog. I'm sure I've missed heaps of things. I hope to keep the blog a bit more up-to-date to keep me motivated and stay on track for whatever events I go for in the future.

See you out there.


Sekhmet said...

You still exist - excellent! Great to see you are still running and still posting (if only rarely)

Simlin said...

Missed you out there on Sunday at the Greenbelt Dave!
We even had a CR brunch afterward.
Might see you around at most of those runs this year (exept plans to do that)

Bay said...

Hey Dave,

Imagine my surprise when my feedreader said that there was an update on your blog! Catch you around the traps.

Tesso said...

I'm still reading it :)

Good to hear what you've been up to. Sounds like lots of exciting things on the horizon.