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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Dog Tag

After reading about the death of a runner in the USA who wasn't identified for 18 hours, I decided to "steal" an idea suggested on coolrunning. I bought a dog tag from Aussie Disposals and had it engraved with all my emergency details. It cost me about $25. A small price to pay to know that if - heaven forbid - I am involved in an accident, the ambos will know who I am, who to contact and what medical precautions to take.


Luckylegs said...

What a good idea, RunDave! It's probably something that each of us needs to carry, i.e. some form of ID; have to admit, I've never thought of it till now...thanks for the reminder!

Luckylegs said...

Rundave, I've put a post on the message board about ID; I think it's a valuable reminder for all of especially!