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Friday, October 21, 2005

Good recovery

Ran home last night. Legs felt pretty good. I took it fairly easy, but there was very little soreness and they didn't even feel too heavy. I plan to do shorter runs for the next couple of weeks. Maybe a longer run next weekend when I'm in Leigh Creek for my mate's son's baptism. Hopefully I'll be able to afford to go in the Blackhill Challenge (a 12 km hill run on the 6th of November) since I had a good result there last year.
I haven't tagged anyone yet because I can't find anyone who hasn't been tagged before. Does it die with me or do I start retagging people?
Finally, I must add that this is the first blog entry that I have emailed from my phone, so sorry for the typos and disjointed sentences.

1 comment:

go girl said...

Got out of that one pretty well Dave. Don't worry about the tag thing, I'm sure no one's going to miss being tagged anyway.
Hey that worked really well from your phone! Cool.