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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Getting by/ Dual monitors

A Girl Running pointed out that while my entry about last night's movie was interesting, I hadn't mentioned how my running is going.

I went for about a 6km run on Friday and a 7km run today. The leg is feeling fine while I'm running and most of the time in between, but at times it doesn't feel 100%. This is why I'm taking things slowly. The tingling is still there sometimes and the leg just doesn't feel as strong as it should. There isn't any pain either while running or while resting. I can feel the fitness coming back which is really good.

The plan for this week is to run every second day 5-6km with an 8km run next Sunday if I feel up to it.

Now for something completely different. Does anyone out there have two monitors set up on your PC? I want to set up a second monitor next to mine to make data analysis easier, but I'm not sure what is required. I have the second screen, but I'm unsure about how to connect them up. There is only one female connection at the back of the box, but there is a male connection there too. Do I need some type of adaptor?


iliketoast said...

Thanks for dropping by my bog ... err blog.

Beth said...

Glad to hear the running is going good Dave and the niggles are sporadic.

I asked my hubby about the two monitor thing and this is what he said: On the back of the graphics card there should be two outputs, one VGA (standard monitor) and one DVI port - for TV connection which you can use with an adapter for a monitor.
(whatever that all means...)

Isabelle said...

You can get a splitter cable. Something like this:

Sekhmet said...

OMG - I would have no idea about any of that techy stuff! lol

Great to hear that your leg is improving - fingers crossed that you do get it to 100% sooner rather than later....

And yes, my sleeping is much better these days - thanks for asking :)

Aki said...

Nescafe double blend hot chocolate, the wider varieties can usually be found at coles. Keep easy on those legs of yours, sounds like you're doing the right thing!