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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Meeting Tesso - PB

I'm not sure what was the highlight of my morning, meeting Tesso or getting a PB for the 4.5km lap of the Torrens at Corporate Cup.

I got there reasonably early this morning to beat the heat (forecast 34 degrees). I saw Tesso running along the other side of the Torrens, so I knew we would cross paths. Went out hard as usual doing the 1st km in 3:27 (ran past Tesso after about 500m), slowed a little over the next 2km but then brought it home in the last 1.5km for a PB over that course of 16:12. This is 10 sec faster than last fortnight and 4 seconds faster than my previous PB on this course set in 2005 during the SARRC twilight race.
  1. 18:10 @ 178
  2. 17:33 @ 169
  3. 17:05 @ 171
  4. 16:49 @ 175
  5. 16:22 @ 178
  6. 16:12 @ 174

Above is my progression during the Corporate cup with average heart rate. Up until last run, I was getting the feeling that I was just improving by running harder and not actually getting much fitter, so I am pleased that my average HR has decreased this fortnight. Can I go sub 16 next fortnight in the last run of the series? We shall see. After seeing me run this morning, Tesso said she expects no less, so the pressure is on!

Went for a few km warmdown and chinwag with Tesso after the run. It was really nice to meet up with her and talk running and other stuff for a little while. I was moaning and groaning most of the way because the run really took a lot out of me, so I hope I wasn't too incoherent. After a while Tesso went back to get ready for work and I trotted back to Uni. I'm feeling a bit better now, although the hayfever is pretty bad now with the hot northerly blowing today.

Anyway, a great start to the day, back to work now.


Anonymous said...

Pity I work all the way ou North.

Rachel said...

Wow, a PB and meeting Tesso. What a great start to the day.
As for breaking 16 minutes in the last race for the season, I'm sure you'll do it!

Tesso said...

Hey Dave!!! Congrats again on that great run, you were flying! I'm still amazed at what a terrific event that is, it was just so good to see so many locals out there running or walking around the lake.

I can't wait to see next fortnight's result. Hopefully the weather will be perfect and the stage will be set for another PB, and maybe even a sub 16.

It was great to catch up, the highlight of my Adelaide trip. Every time my morning meeting got boring (which was the whole time really) I just thought about my run, and meeting you, and watching the others, and of course about the slime green mackerel :-)

Tesso said...

Whoops, what happened to the 'y'. Make that 'slimey'.

Ewen said...

Of course meeting Tesso would have been the highlight.

That's a good run Dave. Must have been the interstate CR support.

Black Knight said...

PB and Tesso: in alphabetical order of course. A good start!

R2B said...

Thats a great time and good to mix with a fellow CR the calibre of Tesso too!


Clairie said...

Rundave, I think Tess was the one to do a PB that week counting all the new CRS's she was able to run with!!!

Great news on the PB, shows you are doing something good with your training. Keep it up.