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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Smashed PB again

Well I managed to beat my previous time in the corporate cup again. This time I ran 15:46 for the 4.5km. It was not easy. I felt terrible the whole way with my legs feeling really heavy and slow. I also had a sore lower back after my run from the Tram terminus to Pinky Flat. I'm now thinking that the sore back could have something to do with lifting a whole heap of stuff while setting up and packing up at the race for life on Sunday (I did a 21km long run in to the city and then helped with the event rather than running in it). My average heart rate this morning was lower again at 171 bpm, so my fitness seems to be improving despite my tired and sore legs.

Race Time @ Ave.HR

  1. 18:10 @ 178
  2. 17:33 @ 169
  3. 17:05 @ 171
  4. 16:49 @ 175
  5. 16:22 @ 178
  6. 16:12 @ 174
  7. 15:46 @ 171

I've got my tights on now to try and help my legs recover, and I'll monitor my back over the next couple of days. Today's run is the last official run for the corporate cup, but there is a fun run and presentation next fortnight. The exciting part is that there is an invitation race for the faster runners as part of the fun run which includes prizes for the winners. Considering I came 3rd overall in the last run and I'll probably be in the top 5 again this week, I think I'll go in it. It'll be nice to go out and race on the course again after all these time trials.

The only other event I am considering at the moment is the Blackhill Challenge. I'm still not sure I'm ready for the hills in this event. I certainly have the speed, but I've been doing little to no hill work all year. In the last two years I have gone in this event, I have been coming off the 50km and 100km Trailblazer events, so I've had plenty of hills in my legs, but less speed. This year will be the opposite. I guess I should give it a go. It might be interesting to see what sort of training has the better result. I might also get out and do some hill repeats at Montefiore hill later this week.

OK. That's enough for now. Happy running people.


A Girl Running said...

Congratulations on a brilliant time RunDave.

Hopefully your back pain is gone very soon. I have finally (after 4 weeks) seen sense and will visit the physio for the same thing on Monday.

Good luck with the hill work. I have a 10k race in Margaret River next's all downhill - sounds like a perfect run for me!

Anonymous said...

Hope to see you at Black Hill Rundave. I haven't been doing many hills lately except the lumps in the landscape I like to call hills around home.
I certainly did feel for people going in the opposite direction on Sunday, mainly on the first lap where the runners were single file on the right side passing all the walkers who were huddled on the left side.

Bay said...
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Bay said...

Hmmm, not sure what happened with that post; you can tell that's only my second... What I tried to say was: Are you insane Dave? How am I supposed to keep up with times like that? I'm flat out doing 3:50 for 1km, let alone 3:30/km for 4.5 kms! Well done; it's nice to feel fit (and I'm sure I'll know when I am)!

R2B said...

Wow RunDave that is some progression of speed over those runs!

Well Done!

And seeing buster would have been a great thrill for me too....i would have stalked him hehehe,just kidding!

Cheers R2B

Ewen said...

Dave, you're on fire since seeing Buster.

Good luck in the 'elite' invitation race, and Blackhill if you decide to do it.

Tesso said...

OMG!!! 15:46 - faaaantastic!
Huge congrats Dave. Wow, when I said you'd go sub 16 I thought maybe high 15:50s. Exciting stuff!

So, if your Mottram encounter made you run faster I wonder if my singing has improved :-)

Black Knight said...

Good, PB after PB you will run shoulder to shoulder with "Booster" (now I know who he is).