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Monday, January 08, 2007

Not a long run

But a nice brisk 12.5 km in around 57 minutes instead. I ran out of time to go for a long run so I kept it shorter and picked the pace up a bit. It was an interesting run too. I ran up to the foothills above Belair Road near Clapham. There are some really nice houses up there and some really "interesting" ones too. Earlier in the day I went for an 8 km walk with my wife and the kids (in the pusher). Not sure what made more sorer! I don't normally include walks in my mileage total, but with the fast pace that my wife walks, maybe I should.


Wardman said...

Happy new year to you and thanks for the recent comments. Have an appointment with physio today & hope to get approval to run again as waistline ahs expanded somewhat over the silly season.
Hope to catch up with you at some events this year.

Ewen said...

Dave, my average pace at 6 foot is about 8:30/km, so include it or get your wife to slow down.

Glad to hear the knee is doing the right thing.

speedygeoff said...

"Interesting" houses, what, bikini clad young ladies on the balconies perchance?

Bay said...

Ok, so with that type of training, I'm in trouble for our next run.... I had my first post-holiday run to work this morning (only 5.1 km) at an average of 4:42 - doesn't bode well!

Apparently the Christmas cheer is slowing me down.

Black Knight said...

I see that Speedygeoff is an expert about the interesting houses. Curious to know your reply.

Sekhmet said...

We end up walking quite a lot, on rest days and days that we run, but I always seem to forget about it!