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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Very Busy Update

I've been very busy with work and study. Evidence of this is the fact that I started this post 2 days ago, and have only just got around to finishing it. Sorry if I haven't been keeping up with everyone's blogs or returning comments.

I've been running about 45-50km over the last couple of weeks, had a couple of good long runs and a good speed session. I've started working at SARDI 3 days a week while I continue my PhD. SARDI is in a location that just isn't very easy to get to via public transport, so I'm going to pull the bike out and start getting around on that a bit more. Should save money on bus tickets too.


Wardman said...

If SARDI is at West beach then that's a nice spot to cycle/run to each day. Good luck with the new role and keep up the good work on the running. That's decent mileage to keep things ticking over.

Ewen said...

That would be the South Australian Running Distance Institute. Nice :)

Bay said...

Watch out Dave, you may have to do lunch time runs with Yvie instead of me from now on (for those who don't know, Yvie came 3rd in the Adelaide Marathon in 2006 and she runs a LOT faster than me!).

I like Ewen's version of SARDI.

RunDave said...

Bay. I would, but Yvie is moving to DEH. Plus she runs faster than me too!

Ewen, the irony of that statement is incredible.

Tesso said...

Dave, you dropped off my Bloglines for some reason. I thought you must've been on hols or something until I read Bay's blog saying he'd been running with you.

Don't worry about reading/ommenting on my blog. Briefly I was running well, fell down a couple of steps and stuffed up my sacroiliac joint so couldn't run for a couple of weeks, I can again now but I've lost a bit of form.

Hope that knee of yours is okay again.

Black Knight said...

Good luck with your new job...and keep on running!

R2B said...

I know what it's like to be too busy to blog!

This is my first surfaround in weeks and weeks!

Looks like your doing well though and putting the important things in perspective!

Wardman said...

Thanks for the feedback RD, and i agree about course preference. I have run the 10k's at both events and would prefer to make the Greenbelt and give the Barossa a miss but the PF is not cooperating!!! I will keep plugging away:)