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Friday, May 27, 2005

Moving house sucks! II

This is how much it sucks. I haven't had time to update my blog due to: 1) too much work at the moment; 2) PC wasn't set up for a while at home; and 3), no time with all the moving and unpacking. I have been able to run however, and this is feeling pretty good.

I ran 28km on the weekend and will do another 30km this weekend. I have run home from work three times this week (still 10km from uni). I won't be able to run in the Barossa half marathon due to a big 30th birthday party on Saturday night, but this may actually help me get a few extra km up instead.

Mrs RunDave has cast some doubt over my participation in the Pichi Richi marathon due to lack of funds. I hope to win her over by entering a few less events as a compromise.

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