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Monday, May 30, 2005

Looong run

Went on a long run yesterday and it ended up being a lot longer than I intended (ie 29-30km). First I took the dog out for a run (sorry, still no photos) for 1hr 5min (probably 12km) then I dropped her at home and ran into uni and back (20ish km), stopping to talk to my mum (who I saw watching a hockey game so I went and had a chat for 10min) and to get some books from uni. I went home via our old house to see how some friends were going pulling up some floorboards which added another 2 km to the distance. So I ended up running 34-35 km (35 for the training diary!). The good news is that I feel really good today. This may be because of the recovery session that I did afterward ie. alternating hot shower to 1 minute in cold bath x3 finishing with a hot shower. The bad news is that I didn't get as much done at home as I had intended, oh well there's always another day.

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Luckylegs said...

Wow, that's some run! Have no idea how you can stand going from hot to cold water...I'd die & I'm far too young to do that!

I like the way you take your doggie out with you; mine go for an afternoon walk every day & usually chase rabbits but never get anywhere near one!