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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Run it out

My knee was quite sore for a while, but I seem to have run it out. I only had a few days off over xmas, and it was still sore after that. Since then I've run a fair bit including my 27km new year's eve run, but it has only got better. I guess sometimes you've just got to dig deep and keep running through the discomfort. I did also adjust my orthotics slightly and bought new shoes so that might have helped. Today I went for a sharp 9km run around North Adelaide in 40.22 (Bayden, I hope you don't come back too unfit) and my knee felt great. We'll see how the knee feels after my long run tomorrow. The new shoes and shorts are excellent.

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Bay said...

I didn't get too unfit, but I am certainly carrying a bit of extra "cheer"..... We'll have to see how much that holds me back tomorrow. Hopefully my legs haven't become too weak after a week of sailing and basically no land fall!