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Monday, June 13, 2005

You are an idiot RunDave!

After identifying that I might be a bit run down and taking it easy, I went and started this last week pretty hard. 16km on Monday, 6km on Tuesday, 10km on Thursday, then couldn't find time on Friday and Saturday. But then I decided to stay up all Saturday night watching trash on TV, the result: woke up Sunday morning feeling shit with a sore throat and slightly productive chest - nothing too bad. So I didn't do my long run again and I won't be running today either. Hopefully after some early nights and good food, I will be back up again later in the week. I am not going to make the same mistake as last year trying to run too early and getting sicker.

In other bad news, I definitely won't be running in the Pichi Richi Marathon. There is a writing workshop that I want to go to on that day in Darwin and I have changed my flights to accomodate it. Besides which, my plan to run the marathon, drive 3-4 hours back to Adelaide and catch a 630pm flight to Darwin was a bit shaky to start off with. Also, RunCarly (aka Mrs RunDave) was a bit worried about the lack of funds at the moment since we are renting and paying a mortgage until we sell our land.

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A Girl Running said...

oh no! I hope some rest and good food has you running again soon but judging by the title on your next entry (I am a bit behind) things arn't looking very positive!

I remember when I was young enough to stay up till really late! ahhh.....those were the days.