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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Even better

I was contemplating a run this morning, but I am still a bit blocked up so maybe tomorrow after a really early night tonight. I need to get Addi running again. She is getting bored in our small back yard as evidenced by her pulling all of the washing off the line yesterday and eating a few pairs of RunCarly's undies (yes that's right, she ate them!).


A Girl Running said...

I am guessing that your Addi is a big dog as even little undies would present a choking hazard!

How long has it been since you ran? Hope you can get back into it tomorrow.

LMAO to your comment on my got a few responses but none from the American's yet...I think they are still sleeping!

I am trying to remember a great 1999 Shiraz to recommend to you - it's supposed to be my favourite but I can't remember the winery's in Margaret River... Morgan, Tate or something like that.

Gronk said...

Hope your on top of that flu thing soon Dave. Oh, hope you also find the right moisturiser for that problem skin too ! ;-P

RunDave said...

Evans and Tate.
I am a big fan of Margaret River Cabernets in general, but they can be expensive (eg Moss Wood).
I'll be running in the morning, touch wood.
Addi usually only chews out the crotch (gross I know!), thus rendering the undies useless.