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Friday, July 01, 2005

First run back

Ran home last night (10k). It's amazing how much condition you lose over three weeks. My legs are so sore today. My HR was almost 10bpm higher than average for the run home and it took a few minutes longer than usual. Hopefully my fitness will pick up quickly as I get back into things. I'm planning to do 15-20k on Sunday morning then a couple of runs next week before going up to Darwin. Up in Darwin I will try to go for a run on Saturday morning (6.45!) with the Darwin runners club.

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A Girl Running said...

Three weeks! Were you sick that long?

10k is a great start back into it.

My brother gave up running when he moved to Darwin...he said it was too hot..I think he just must not have loved running enough!

Good luck on Sunday. I am sure your legs won't be sore for long