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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Should I be worried?

Our daughter is sick today, she has a fever and flu symptoms. She isn't too bad really but I am worried that I will catch whatever she has like I normally do. I have been taking lots of precautions such as earlier nights, eating well, taking antioxidants and not eating or drinking from the same bottles or plates as the kids. But the fact remains that I have increased my training in the last few weeks. My running has been going really well too. Maybe I won't get it, maybe I'm worrying over nothing or maybe I should take it easy over the next few days just in case.

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A Girl Running said...

Training increase weakens the immune system without having the risk of catching a cold at home anyway.

1000mg of vitamin C a day would be a good idea if your not getting that already.

I used to get a cold a few times a year and started taking Odourless Garlic capsules. That was 12 years ago and I think I have only been sick a few times since then, and when I do get sick it's only a sore throat or sniffles that last a day or so.

Maybe taking that will help you be less likely to get a cold in the future.

It all depends on how many supplements you feel comfortable taking though........I think I may be a vitamin junkie!

Hope your daughter feels better soon and you stay well.